Where Are Your Priorities?

Yesterday I was given the wonderful opportunity to attend a lecture about marriage put on by the Pastor at our Church. He said a few things that stuck with me. I have thought about them in my own life and also how they could help others. First he said, ” If you take nothing else with you today, please remember these words: You need to stop trying to solve all your problems and begin to live the mystery”. Those words are extremely powerful. After hearing them, I began to contemplate how they apply to my own life and my own struggles. I have been blessed with “fix it syndrome” and am constantly having to fight the battles that go along with it. I find myself always looking for an easy solution to every problem both major and minor in my life. Life is something that cannot fully be understood or solved. That is a hard reality for me to deal with. I know that others suffer from the same syndrome. Sometimes life happens that is out of anyone’s control. Death, suffering, sin, and job loss are apart of what it means to be human. 

Later in the lecture Father provided us with a nice little list of where our priorities should be. Since I grew up in this parish, I have heard variations of this list before, as this one mainly applies to married adults with families. Here is the list:

1) God- God should be at the center of our lives, we should do everything to honor and love him. He suggested that we take the little opportunities in our day to pray, such as on our drive to work. 

2) Spouse- The foundation of a family comes from the relationship between the husband and wife. If your spouse is neglected, therefore you’re entire family is neglected. You will live with your spouse long after your children move out. That is something to keep in perspective. 

3) Children- Children come next. They are very important in your life, but it is important to remember that they should come after your relationship with your spouse. Your husband or wife should not be neglected as a result of having children. 

4) Work- Often times people get so wrapped up in their career, they forget to live their lives. Work becomes their lives. I suspect that this happens more often then some people may think. A man gets wrapped up in work and neglects his wife and children or visa versa. 

5) Health- Heath is specifically referring to eating right and exercising. The Pastor mentioned that this is very important and that God wants us to be healthy people. But this is to remind the people who are working out hours and hours a day neglecting other responsibilities that they should get their priorities set straight. Everything should be done in moderation. 

6) Community Involvement- Community involvement is very important, especially involvement in your church. But it is important to remember that each family makes up the living church and being involved with your family actually helps to keep the church alive. This is not to say that you should not volunteer, it just means do not make it the center of your life. 

I imagine that many people in the room had to stop and think about this hierarchy of priorities and evaluate their priorities in their own lives. I urge you to do the same, just as I have. 


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One thought on “Where Are Your Priorities?

  1. I didn’t know you were listening so closely! Ah but you left out leisure, which was strangely ahead of community involvement. I guess the community comes after having fun, I can deal with that.

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