That Four Letter Word

Today J humored me with a funny little story about our daughter C. Since I was out the door extremely early this morning, J was getting C ready for the day. He was changing C out of her PJs when to his disbelief a four letter word, that started with “S” popped out of her mouth. Not only once, but 4 or 5 times! “Make it stop”! He thought to himself. Trying to think back to the way we talk at home, he thought that this word could not possibly picked up from our home. Where did she learn this?! She in fact, only currently has a vocabulary of about 25 words. Why was this word the choice for number 26? Then, all of a sudden, she picks up her top for the day and points to it and once again says that pesky little word. In relief he laughs out loud realizing that she was just unfortunately mispronouncing “SHIRT”. I hope this little story brought a bout of laughter to your day as it did mine 🙂 I am only thankful that she hasn’t, so far, pointed out a shirt to anyone else outside of our home.


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