My Pride and Joy

A few days ago J, C and I were walking through the grocery store when we were stopped by a smiling elderly man. He looked at C and then at J, and asked, ” Is that your pride and joy”? He was, of course, referring to C. J and I both smiled and nodded our heads in unison, that C was in fact our pride and joy.

Then with and even bigger grin painted across is face he asks us if we would like to see a picture of his pride and joy, as he excitedly opens his wallet to pull out a photo. Here we were expecting a picture of cute little chubby grandchild. That is definitely not what he showed us!

As I look down I see a photo of Pride and Joy detergent. All three of us cannot contain ourselves as we burst out laughing. C catches on and joins in on the fun. I could tell that the man was very pleased with himself and his little joke. After we were finally able to contain ourselves, long after the man disappeared, J and I discussed the fact that the picture looked over 20 years old.

This must have his much cleaner version of the old pull your finger joke. It was nice to see this elderly man still getting a kick out of the simpler things in life. Do you have a go- to joke that you always tell?


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