Stickler for the Rules

How many of you out there are sticklers for the rules? You abide by them at all costs. I have to say, I am not one of those people. In fact, I was never any good at following the rules. I remember in grade school, my homework rarely got done on time, if at all, and my  room, rodents could have lived in it.

I of course, am exaggerating, but I am not what you would call a neat freak, by any means.

Little C however, major type A personality. I can already tell even though she is all of 17.5 months old. We walk down the stairs and she is quick to point out all the problems with the house: The dog bowl should not be on the floor (I might splash in it), the door to the bathroom should be closed ( I might drop my toys in the toilet) and the baby gate should be closed at all times (I might try to climb up the stairs by myself).

C knows all the rules. In fact, she reminds me of them. She regularly goes over to the China cabinet, give me a big grin and then innocently says, “NO”.

I can only sit here and wonder what type of person she will be…


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