Toddler’s Science Class

Now before you think I am crazy, hear me out… I do not instruct C in science classes. The smart little cookie has figured out GRAVITY all on her own. She has figured out: what goes up must go…


In fact her teachers in her Mother’s Day Out program have even insisted that I must have signed her up for softball. Yup, she has that good of an arm.

So what do I do you might ask? Google.. “what to do when your one and a half year old child throws food and you don’t know how to discipline her”. Of course, I am very short and to the point in my google searches.

Rest assured the Experts at Baby Center tell me that I should distract her or tell her “no” firmly when she throws things she is not supposed to. Lucky for me, C puts on a grin, while of course repeating no, just long enough to throw more food. And when I distract her, well then she is also distracted from eating.

The mean mom I am, started the dreaded “time-outs”. We reached a peak of 4 today during the 20 minute duration of lunch.

I guess I am no expert. Maybe this is just a phase… Google also told me that.


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