Pay it Forward

A couple of years ago I saw the movie, Pay it Forward.

I know, I know… super behind the curve.

The movie of course, had me sobbing at the end. In fact, it was so touching, I became super dramatic and all I could think about was how I could change the world.

Have you all seen the movie? I know I am not the only one. I have real live proof, and here it is:

I was craving a smoothie from Smoothie King and I did not have enough energy to possibly get out of the car to get my smoothie. Nooo.. I had to go through the drive through.

There were a few cars in front of me, and I was late for something ( I cannot even remember what it was now) and the line was taking forever. Horrible things were going through my mind such as: how the people working must not know what they are doing and that the woman in front of me is obviously one of those obnoxious people who change their minds about their order at the last second.

So when FINALLY I get up to the window, I am all huffy and the man gives me what I interpret as a smirk. As if he knew, that he had ruined my entire day by taking so long. I grumpily accept the smoothie. He apologizes for the wait and explains that the woman in front of me paid for my smoothie because she tries to do at least one nice thing a day for a stranger.

Guilt came over me for all my terrible thoughts and impatient attitude. This woman reminded me that there is goodness in people. Then the man says, “the woman’s only request is that you treat others with the kindness and generosity that she showed you”.

I occasionally remember this kindness and even the memory of it makes my day. Since then, I have been doing my best to “Pay it forward” in small ways.

Have you ever been shown kindness and generosity from a complete stranger?


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One thought on “Pay it Forward

  1. It’s been almost three weeks since your last update. Your readers deserve better.

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