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15 Minutes a Day: A New Year’s Resolution

Shortly before this new year’s rolled around I decided I wanted to make a resolution that would actually be possible to keep. So I made it simple:

Exercise 3x a week for 15 minutes each time

To be honest, I am embarrassed that I don’t already exercise more than that. But with my schedule and the fact that I have not exercised regularly in 2 years I decided it was time! Here we are, week 2 of the new year and so far so good. My 15 minutes have included:

1) going for a walk around the block

2) going for a short bike ride

3) My in home (I would be mortified if anyone actually watched me do) routine

My in home routine is as follows:

  • 3.5 minutes jumping jacks
  • 3.5 minutes jogging in place
  • 3 minutes ski jumps
  • 1 minute crunches (50x)
  • 3 minutes strength (15 chest presses, 15 arm curls each side, 15 shoulder raises into a T shape)
  • 1 minute stretches

*I hold some cans of soup during the 3 minutes of strengthening

A little exercise really is better than no exercise!


Wedding Rehearsal Flower Bouquet









My best friend is getting married this weekend! I couldn’t be more excited for her. As part of my duty as the “Matron of Honor” I decided to create a mock flower bouquet for her to practice with during the rehearsal out of all the ribbons used as wrapping from her bridal showers. I searched and searched to figure out how to do this, but I didn’t find any tutorials (print or internet) that actually worked for me. I kind of played with the ribbons for a VERY LONG while and made a bouquet I am quite happy with, despite the colored ribbon I was working with due to the large number of gifts purchased from Bed Bath and Beyond. Here’s what I did.

Need for 1 flower:

22 in. ribbon

floral tape

fabric glue

floral wire



Got a ribbon about 22 inches long.

Tied a single knot at one end leaving a little extra hanging off.

Twisted the longer end away from the knot, added a dab of fabric glue, and wrap around the knot.

Repeat prior step until there is just a little bit of ribbon left.

Take floral wiring and push it into the knot, where the stem looks like it should come from.

Wrap excess ribbon around wire and secure with floral tape.

Create as many flowers as you would like and wrap all the stems together with floral tape.

Then wrap ribbon over floral tape and secure with fabric glue.

Then you have yourself a wedding rehearsal flower bouquet!




































Week 1 Dinner Menu

In: This Week’s Dinner Menu.

How many of you can never figure out what’s for dinner tonight? Well, in this section I will share this week’s recipes for my family’s home. Now, I have just started doing this, so there may be some bumps in the road. I typically will plan for 5 meals. The other 2 will either be left overs or eating out.

This weeks menu: 1/1/12


Monday: Still on vacation

Tuesday: Still on Vacation

Wednesday: Ginger chicken with stir fry veggies

Thursday: Slow cooker lentils with sausage

Friday: Friend’s wedding rehearsal dinner

Saturday: Wedding dinner

Lots of cooking breaks for me this week 🙂

No Ouchies for Jesus

At Mass yesterday night, during the consecration, I was walking around in the back of the Church with a whiny toddler. I was frustrated and helplessly trying to explain to her in simple words what exactly was happening at the alter.

She cut me off mid sentence, looking up  and pointing at the crucifix and said “who’s dat”?

I quietly told her that it was Jesus up on the cross.

She smiled and teasingly said, “no mama, baby Jesus over there” pointing to the nativity scene directly behind us.

She then looked back up to the crucifix and said, “mama, no baby Jesus, dat ouchie boy”.

I smiled and told her that the baby in the nativity was baby Jesus when he was little, then he grew up to be a big Jesus like the one on the cross. Then as simply as I could explain to a 2 year old, I told her that big Jesus got an ouchie up on the cross to help us be good people and go to heaven. She looked at me puzzled for a minute…

I thought that I had obviously done a terrible job at explaining this extremely complex topic.

Then at the top of her lungs she yelled, “No Jesus ouchie! ‘Cargine’ alright!” Then she more calmly stated, “Cargine fix Jesus, Jesus all better”.  (Note: “Cargine” is what she calls herself)

The usher turned around and smiled at me and understood exactly what had just taken place. – A 2 year old understood perfectly who Jesus is and what he did, perhaps better than me.

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