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Wedding Rehearsal Flower Bouquet









My best friend is getting married this weekend! I couldn’t be more excited for her. As part of my duty as the “Matron of Honor” I decided to create a mock flower bouquet for her to practice with during the rehearsal out of all the ribbons used as wrapping from her bridal showers. I searched and searched to figure out how to do this, but I didn’t find any tutorials (print or internet) that actually worked for me. I kind of played with the ribbons for a VERY LONG while and made a bouquet I am quite happy with, despite the colored ribbon I was working with due to the large number of gifts purchased from Bed Bath and Beyond. Here’s what I did.

Need for 1 flower:

22 in. ribbon

floral tape

fabric glue

floral wire



Got a ribbon about 22 inches long.

Tied a single knot at one end leaving a little extra hanging off.

Twisted the longer end away from the knot, added a dab of fabric glue, and wrap around the knot.

Repeat prior step until there is just a little bit of ribbon left.

Take floral wiring and push it into the knot, where the stem looks like it should come from.

Wrap excess ribbon around wire and secure with floral tape.

Create as many flowers as you would like and wrap all the stems together with floral tape.

Then wrap ribbon over floral tape and secure with fabric glue.

Then you have yourself a wedding rehearsal flower bouquet!





































Painted Margarita Glass

A while back was my sister’s birthday, so I decided to paint her margarita glasses that she could actually use and would be fun to entertain with. 

I encourage you to give this project a try! Heres how to do it:

1) Buy wine or margarita glasses that are thick and made out of glass not crystal ( so they won’t crack in the oven). These glasses actually end up running for less money then their thinner alternatives. I bought my glasses at walmart, but I also have seen individual ones at the dollar store and hobby lobby. Then you need to purchase the paints and paintbrushes if you don’t already have them. The paints are called Pebeo, Vitrea.

You can buy the ones specifically for glass painting that are translucent or the paints that are more geared towards ceramic painting, they are not translucent but will still work. 

2) Paint the designs that you would like on the glass. You may want to search the internet or glass painting books for some ideas if you are short on them. 

3) Let dry for 24 hours

4) Bake in the oven for 40 minutes at 325 F

Here is a finished glass of mine:

The process was surprisingly easy and relatively inexpensive compared to the current painted wine and margarita glasses on the market. I will admit that since this was my first attempt I chose designs that were relatively simple because I was so worried about messing up. However, since I now have all the paints I am excited to try out more designs for future gifts!

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