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Thin Places and Moments

A book I am reading, started talking about something that interested me, called a thin place. A “thin place” is traditionally a belief held by Celtic Christians. In short, a it is a place somewhere in the world where a person is closer to God then he or she ordinarily is. It is a special place where a person can truly feel God’s presence. This group of Celtic Christians believe that at any given time a person is usually 3 feet away from God, but when in a thin place a person is even closer!

The idea is intriguing to me, and to some extent I have found it to be true (although I may not believe the 3 ft rule). There are places that I have been, that I have found myself feeling closer to God than usual. Mostly my experience has been somewhere in nature like on a hike (only been on like 2 in my whole life) or at the beach.

My thought is that, more than “thin places” I have had “thin moments”. I will say I am not sure if there is any specific Celtic Christian teaching on thin moments though, but maybe there is! I think a thin moment is a time in your life when you can feel God there and you may not know why.  Here are some of my “thin moments”:

  • When C was born 🙂
  • When I got married (and at weddings in general)
  • My oddest “thin moment” took place at the strangest of places, in my rehab science cadaver lab. I walked in and immediately had to step back out of the room to hold back my tears. It was hard to wrap my mind around a room full of people who had died and the whole idea of a cadaver lab felt extremely disrespectful to me (It still kind of does). I finally pulled it together and entered the room. We thankfully had to do no dissecting, we were just observing. I stared down at a human brain and my professor came over and started pointing out all the different parts of the brain and what they do. At that point I couldn’t keep it together anymore. I was just amazed at the intricacy that was the human person. My only thought was that God has to be real, this proves it! No one in the entire world could make something so amazing that actually works as well as the body does. The age old conflict between Religion and Science should disappear and the reason is simple: God can be seen through science, it can’t be denied (at least thats how I see it).

I realized I have been taught about thin moments my whole life. Back in kindergarden a teacher once told me a secret. And I’ll let you in on it too.

“When you get goosebumps and your not cold and you look around and you can’t see any wind and nothing tickled you, God is right next to you giving you a hug”.

Guess what? I have believed it ever since. Whenever I notice  I get goosebumps for no reason, it always makes me smile.


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